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If you are parent with a son, we have good news for you. We know that you want your son enjoy his environment but you don’t have the best bike for him, and so we always have what your son needs. It is surprisingly that we have the best bikes which are lightweight yet sturdy and well-proportioned to give your son perfect comfort. They are well made, well designed and they will give your kid smooth ride.

We understand that boys like to ride and bike are what they need to get started. We want your son have opportunity of getting out of that sofa and step out with our best bike for boys. Give them this bike and they will get a gateway to lifetime of healthy exercise and adventure. These are the best bikes for those youngsters.

1. Kent Super 20 Boys Bike

#1. Kent Super 20 Boys Bike
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You need to give you boy this right tool to ride. It’s a rugged children’s bike which features a fully welded dual suspension frame and has downhill front suspension fork which will enhance control and give him a smoother ride. It has seven-speed gearing with super easy grip shifting and an alloy quick release seat clamp to give your son simple seat adjustment.

Your son’s bike has been built to ensure safety, comfort and durability. It is very fast to assemble and your son will ride up the hills smoothly. He can ride the bike off-road just like a mountain bike. This bike is handsome and it will be shipped highly assembled. It has good design and its sturdy construction will make your bike durable.

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2. Boys Throttle Magna Bike

#2. Boys Throttle Magna Bike
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This is a nice bike for your son which is easy to assemble and comes with instruction. It is easy to adjust and even for your six or eight years son can use it. Your boy will enjoy a smooth ride. It is super easy to store with ease when stopped or use a stand still. The bike features coaster brake to give your son solid control and handlebar pad. It has sturdy frame to withstand the daily abuse.

The deluxe paint will make your bike look handsome. Your son will be using it during the weekends and he will love its sturdy construction. It is equipped with adjustable seat which can be removed as required or even adjusts as your son grows. The training wheels are super easy to attach and remove in order to accommodate your little man while he’s learning to ride.

3. Baby BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes

#3. Baby BMX Freestyle Kids Bikes
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Your kid will love this bike and be sure about that. It features fun style making it a perfect option for your youngster’s first ride. It has removable training wheels and so your kid will progress with his bike. It has enclosed chain guard soft rubber grip and so your son will enjoy riding. The non-slip resin pedals will give him good riding control.

 The bike has water bottles and cage and you will be riding with your son even during the sunny day. It has training wheels making it perfect for beginners. This bike looks more like mountain bike and no cartoon characters or fake padded bars. The seat is comfortable and so your aggressive son will be riding for longer hours without complaining.

4. X-Games Freestyle Bicycle

#4. X-Games Freestyle Bicycle
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Your son will get an awesome and smooth ride with this bike. It has sturdy steel frame and fork and so as your son grow, this bike will move with him. It has smooth grippy tires to give him a smooth ride always while the allow wheels will give him strong ride and also better braking and this will give you confidence always. He will be riding in style and safely.

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If you maintain this bike, it will last for many years. Its frame is sturdy and brakes are strong and the tires features skatepark tread. He will be riding it down hills and even off the curb. Even when you have aggressive son, this bike is sturdy and it will give him reliable services. Since its wheels are smooth, he will be riding over sidewalks, grass and almost everywhere.

5. Cobra Junior Boy’s Mountain Bike

#5. Cobra Junior Boy's Mountain Bike
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It has sturdy construction for rugged durability. The travel front fork will give him smooth ride even on bumps. It has twenty inch allow wheels which will keep you on the paved paths. This bike will keep your boy excited and he’ll enjoy outdoor adventures. It comes in one size and blue color to make your son motivated for a ride.

Its gears are easy to shift and have great size which will move with your growing son. It is lightweight making it easy to ride even for the growing kids. It has coaster brakes to hand brakes and six gears with easy to shift changer. It is easy to assemble and has quality construction and components. You will be pleased with this purchase.

Kids really love bikes but finding the perfect one is not easy task but these are the best ones which are currently leading in the market. They will allow your sons to roam, discover and even appreciate their environment. They will complete your son’s memory and he will be spending his leisure time with his friends. These bikes have flat grippy pedals which will ensure that your son is well supported and centered over the bottom brackets. Their low stand over height and so there’s less chance that your kid will be tangled up in his bike. Order these best bike for boys with confidence.

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