Best Fabric Cutting Machines in 2019 Reviews

Are your scissors hurting your hands to extend of causing blisters on your hands and you wish to have a permanent solution? Well, for sure, that situation is frustrating, and we assure you that we’ll deliver the definitive solution to that problem. Over the years, we have been examining the outstanding features that customers look when buying the best fabric cutting machines; luckily, we were able to sample the best ten fabric cutting machines.

These machines are the classic things that you should own be it for commercial or for a fan. You will be making wedding gowns and you clients will be coming to your shop for more. You will have a great time with them, and they are such simple to operate. No more errors caused by scissors when these things exist here. Grab them now and you will wish you could have discovered them years ago!

1. GO Fabric Cutter

#1. GO Fabric Cutter
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Do you love to puff but hate to cut? This fabric cutter is a fast and precise fabric cutting system that will allow quilters to cut fabrics as faster as 90% than scissors or rotary cutting. You can also cut the whole quilt in minutes and the number of layers of you can cut at one time depends only on the thickness of your material. It features a patented revolutionary portable design that allows you to carry and cut whatever you go to retreats, classes, quilting bees and guild meetings.

It comes with a great value die and a cutting mat, so you’re ready to start quilting right out of the box. This is the most affordable fabric cutter, and the machine is small and portable making it ideal for home hobbyists. It is easy to apply, and it will save much of your time. The interesting part is that you will say goodbye to wear and tear on your hands.

2. Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine

#2. Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine
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The reliable 1500fr can slice from a single ply of fabric, right up to one-inch high, making it a very versatile, lightweight machine. The combination of the octagonal blade, with spring loaded lower blade and carbide tipped will prevents the fabric from jamming. It has an extra thin base plate and light die cast design that makes the 1500fr a pleasure to operate. It also features octagonal cutting blade built-in sharpening mechanism, high-power electric motor with 110v, extra-thin base plate, carbide-tipped counter blade.

This thing is best for light to medium weight fabrics and woven or loosely knit fabric. If you like sewing on a daily basis for fun or income, purchasing this machine will be a wise decision. It will save you time and also your hands from having to cut with scissors. No more tear and wear on hands and no more errors. The blade guards and the sharpening button works perfectly. You will wish why you had not owned this machine years ago. If you have been making wedding gowns using scissors, you need to order this thing and start doubling your business.

3. Sizzix 657900 Big Shot Cutting

#3. Sizzix 657900 Big Shot Cutting
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With a swirl of powder blue and teal colors and the Sizzix logo bursting out brightly, this classic version of the big shot machine delivers plenty of stylish address with the same flexibility of working with the entire Sizzix product library that includes our smallest dies to our big six inch wide plastic-backed treasures and embossing tools. Our portable roller machine cuts and embosses a lot of different materials.

You can design your one of kind cards, scrapbook pages, invitations, home decor, altered art, fashion, quilting and much more. Due to its extended size, the new platform delivers more area to create duplicated projects at once. It makes all Sizzix components thinner than a big die, and it is compatible with the big shot and even works with other brands’ dies and embossing tools. It comes with a great shot, a pair of standard cutting pads and the adaptable extended multipurpose stage and so with this device; there is nothing you can lose.

4. Wireless Cutting Machine

#4. Wireless Cutting Machine
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Imagine yourself saying goodbye to unnecessary cords and create more space to work on your projects! With the Cricut design space software system, you will enjoy yourself sending your projects wirelessly to the Cricut Explore Air machine for cutting. You will enjoy making more and every day with this device. There are lots of ways you can create with this Cricut Explore Air. It is designed with the 50,000 plus images, projects, and fonts in the Cricut Image Library, or uploads your images and fonts for free.

You will be amazed at how frequently you can use this incredible tool. With it, you will be making party invitations, decorations, and favors and your customers will be amazed by your impressive and professional services, again you will have the power to create seasonal home décor or even personalize wedding gifts. Furthermore, you can add embellishments to your favorite photo memories. With it, you will turn ordinary items into attractive, personalized pieces that let you say, “I made it by myself.”

5. Silhouette Cameo

#5. Silhouette Cameo
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The Silhouette CAMEO is an automated cutting machine for individual use. Like a home printer, it plugs into your Mac or PC with a simple USB cable. However, instead of printing, it uses a small blade to cut paper, vinyl and more up to twelve inches wide and ten feet long. It features an optic sensor that can scan and cut out printed designs. Just print your design on your home printer, and then feed the printed paper into your Silhouette. The Cameo will read registration marks on the page and cut precisely around the printed artwork.

The Silhouette cutting machine can cut a wide assortment of materials including paper, vinyl, fabric, heat transfer material, cardstock and so much more. It comes with Silhouette Studio software, and so you can create and cut your designs and use the fonts already installed on your computer. There are also lots of great designs available through the ever-growing Silhouette Online Store. It features storage compartment that is perfect for cross cutters, extra blades, or anything you wish.

We want to make you look professional in anything you’re doing by just giving you that chance to use our best fabric cutting machines that have been designed with the user in mind. These machines will be shipped with everything you need to make your work look perfect. You will love every feature they have. They’re simple to use, and they are extremely durable. Drop out your scissors that cause wear and tear on your hands and order your best fabric cutting machine now! – Buyer’s Guide Of The Best Vinyl Cutting Machines 2019

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