Best Folding Hand Trucks For Sale in 2019

Do you want to move from one apartment to another? Or maybe you have all that luggage in your car that you need to move to the house or office. Manual work is bound to leave you frustrated, tired and with sore muscles. Worry not though. With a good hand track, your cargo carriage needs will be sorted. It becomes even easier when you go for a hand truck that can be folded. Most of these are compact and you can fold them to a manageable size allowing you to carry the truck around in your car trunk. When need arises, simply unfold your truck and let it do the heavy duties for you.

Below are reviews of the best folding hand trucks for sale in 2018:

1. Magna Cart Aluminum Folding Hand Truck

#1. Magna Cart Aluminum Folding Hand Truck
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All your needs as moving is concerned have been sorted by the magna cart hand folding truck, which has been constructed with superior toughness. The handle is telescopic and can extend up to a height of 39 inches. The truck has a wide base of 15 inches. With the rubber wheels, air is not required and they glide through all surfaces with ease making cargo transportation is easy. It is sturdy and can hold cargo of up to 150 lbs. The truck is compact and it can fold to a thickness of 2.5 inches allowing for easy transportation and storage. The truck is suitable for use at home, office, and recreation or for travelling needs.

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2. Cosco Shifter Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly

#2. Cosco Shifter Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly
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This is a 4-wheel truck constructed with a durable heavy duty steel frame. It is easy to operate and conversion requires no tools or pins. It can be operated in multiple positions: as an upright hand truck, as a 4-wheel cart or as a 2-wheel cart. It is easy to fold up and is of light weight. This makes transportation and storage easy. With the flat fold design, you can store your truck in the garage, in a closet or in the car trunk. When folded, it has a small size and fits in the trunks of most cars. This Cosco shifter will do all the heavy duty for you including unloading the car or moving boxes.

3. Harper Trucks Lightweight Nylon Convertible Hand Truck and Dolly

#3. Harper Trucks Lightweight Nylon Convertible Hand Truck and Dolly
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This truck is factory assembled and only requires an easy and quick assembly of the base plate and wheels. It is far much lighter compared to steel designs and it has been designed to ensure maximum durability. The frame is rust, chemical and corrosion resistant which gives it a longer life. The truck is easy to convert from a 4 wheel cart to a 2 wheel dolly. The dolly has a capacity of 300 pounds while the cart has a capacity of 400 pounds. The wheels are 8 inches and they have solid rubber treads. These and the 3 inch swivel casters make maneuverability easy. It has a telescoping handle that can fit in three position and features built-in stair glides which make it easy to move in curbs and up and down the stairs.

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4. Cosco Products Aluminum Hand Truck

#4. Cosco Products Aluminum Hand Truck
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The truck has an ergonomic design which minimizes the chances of fatigue, muscle strain or injuries. It features heavy duty free and flat wheels which makes it easy to maneuver on all surfaces. It is easy to operate and with just one hand, you can convert it to a 4 wheel cart, an assisted 4 wheel hand truck or a 2 wheel upright. You will actually not need any tools or pins for this conversion. This versatility makes the truck a perfect option. It can hold cargo of up to 1000 pounds. Let the truck do all your heavy duties for you.

5. Milwaukee Hand Trucks Convertible Truck

#5. Milwaukee Hand Trucks Convertible Truck
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This convertible truck has a lightweight nylon polymer construction which is reinforced with fiberglass. The frame if rust and chemical proof which makes it durable. This is a fully integrated one piece frame which greatly increases rigidity. It is easy to convert it from a 4 wheel horizontally positioned cart to a 2 wheel vertically positioned truck. It features contoured straps which make it easy to cradle different types of objects. The truck features a load capacity of up to 600 pounds. The truck features 10 inch pneumatic tires which cushion your cargo allowing the truck to maneuver easily through all types of surfaces. It also features 5 inch swivel caster which increase the strength of the truck and also boosts on the horizontally aligned maneuverability. This truck is fully assembled.


Unsure of what truck to go for? I can assure you that, based on the customer feedback, either of the above reviewed products will do the job perfectly and will not disappoint. Maybe what you would like to put to consideration now is the cost and get the truck that is within your budget.

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