Top 10 Best Winter Gloves in 2019

Winter gloves are available in abundance. There is a design for every cold weather activity imaginable, making the choice to purchase the best ones rather difficult. It is simply not enough to take recommendations from friends because each set of hands experiences colder temperatures differently.

Whether the purchase will be made for work or leisure, most people hope to find a brand that fits well, keeps them warm and functions appropriately for the activities they will pursue. Nothing is more disappointing and completely frustrating than buying gloves that are advertised as waterproof and warm, only to discover that the material soaks up the rain and snow causing fingers and hands to be colder than ever.

Considering the various design features, the materials and fabrics used, the craftsmanship in construction, and what a wide cross section of customers think about their purchases can be helpful tools when it comes to making that all important investment.

10. IL Caldo Women’s NEW Screentouch Thick Warmer Weather Gloves

10. IL Caldo Women's NEW Screentouch Thick Warmer Weather Gloves Buy now from Amazon
These comfortable gloves are made of cotton with wool lining. They are designed for use while operating any kind of touch screen device, keeping hands warm. They are advertised as fitting most sizes, though the measurements are also included for anyone to compare their own hand size. The overall length of the gloves is 9.44 inches. The widest hand width is 6.87 inches. The longest finger length is 3.35 inches. The manufacturer indicates that customers should measure their own hands before purchasing a pair. They are washable and durable, made with elastic of good quality. Offered in Black, Coffee, Gray, Purple and Wine Red colors, this product is also Amazon Prime with Free Returns. Most customers indicated that the price was excellent compared with the quality and functionality.

9. Andyshi Men’s Winter Outdoor Cycling Glove Touch Screen and Smartphone Gloves

9. Andyshi Men's Winter Outdoor Cycling Glove Touch Screen and Smartphone Gloves Buy now from Amazon
Advertised as warm for cycling, this brand has had mixed reviews from those who ride with them. The gloves are made entirely from a trademarked fabric that is called nylon taslon. The material seems to be water resistant only, with some wearers noting that it actually seems to absorb water, but only so that the outer layers are wet. Made in black, the gloves are available in three sizes based on palm and middle finger length.

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The gloves are insulated to be windproof, includes anti-slipping patches on the palms and a cuff opening with a short zipper to make them easy to wear. The top has a soft and stretchy open weave to help the fabric breathe.

Some customers have had problems with seams ripping on first use. Others from colder climates have worn them during colder days and feel that they may not be suitable for the coldest seasons.

8. Black Diamond Mid Weight Cold Weather Gloves

8. Black Diamond Mid Weight Cold Weather Gloves Buy now from Amazon
There are several layers of materials which work to bring comfort, warmth and dexterity while wearing these gloves. The outer layer is made of Polyester (64%), Nylon (24%) and Spandex (12 %). This layer allows for flexibility while doing tasks. The palms are made entirely of goat skin. The remainder is of 24g fleece that is Polarity Power Stretch.

Customers who purchased these have used them for a variety of out of doors tasks ranging from repairing ranch equipment, riding tractors and horses, skiing cross country and completing technical work. The palms are stitched with Kevlar, which makes them particularly durable. The gloves are lightweight and not bulky, so they are easily tucked into pockets. They are not for touch screen use. Most customers would recommend that new purchases be made in a size larger to ensure proper sizing and comfort.

7. Heritage Extreme Winter Glove

7. Heritage Extreme Winter Glove Buy now from Amazon
Horseback riders are the intended users of this product. Constructed of a variety of man-made materials with a thick liner built from polar weight fleece, these are designed specifically for riders who need to keep a good grip on reins, saddles and other gear in bad weather. There is a sizing chart provided to help customers buy the right size. The gloves are waterproof. There is a zippered area to insert hand warmers. Most users say that the gloves are not as flexible as they would like. Other than riders, cyclists and hang gliders have used and liked them for their ability to keep away windchill.

6. Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Work Glove

6. Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Work Glove Buy now from Amazon
A combination of polyester and polyurethane makes up these hand washable gloves. The liner is not removable, and the majority of those who have worn them claim that they are not waterproof. Some appreciate the soft liner, but those who need to work in them have been dissatisfied with stitches that rip on seams, and the difficulty in drying them out once they are wet. Many would not recommend purchasing these for very cold areas or hard work because once wet, the gloves become very cold to wear. This impedes the ability to function very quickly. Those who liked them used them for casual wear, hiking and camping.

5. N’Ice Caps Adults Thinsulate and Waterproof Bulky Ski Gloves with Ridges

5. N'Ice Caps Adults Thinsulate and Waterproof Bulky Ski Gloves with Ridges Buy now from Amazon
Being able to machine wash and dry these gloves is a great plus for many who bought them. The seven color options are enticing, with choices of black, navy, neon green, dark purple, yellow, turquoise and royal blue on the list. This assortment, and the fact that many found the sizes run small, has prompted customers to suggest that these might be best purchased for children or those with very small hands. A composite of synthetic materials has been used to ensure nice gripping fingers, thumbs and palms. The wrists have Velcro adjustable straps. The cuffs are knitted and keep out drafts. These have been purchased for wear in many climates, with varied reviews. Some feel they are adequate, while others recommend that liners be used for extra insulation. They are Amazon Prime eligible.

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4. Hatch Elite Winter Specialist Glove

4. Hatch Elite Winter Specialist Glove Buy now from Amazon
These gloves features goatskin palms and nylon backs. They are lined with Thermolite to help keep hands warm. The wrists are cuffed with spandex and feature a loop to hook closure which work together to keep out dirt, drafts and snow. Hunters appreciate the firm grip provided by both the goatskin and the non-skid exterior material, but they are not as pleased with the tips of these gloves. They cite problems with finger length being too long to adequately control firing weapons with precision. They suggest that the grip might best be used for holding other hunting tools. Some feel that the warmth is not adequate, even though the wind control is. The closure strap has come loose, requiring some customers to repair them sooner than they felt was reasonable.

3. Luxury Men’s Touchscreen/texting Winter Italian Nappa Leather Gloves

3. Luxury Men's Touchscreen/texting Winter Italian Nappa Leather Gloves Buy now from Amazon
For customers wanting a high level of touch screen capability, these gloves offer much. They are constructed with nano-technology that allows wearers to work across all kinds of screens with accuracy and control. The leather exterior is soft and flexible. The palm area is designed with stitching to control slipping. Two choices of lining are available. Customers may choose either excellent quality fleece or cashmere. The color selections include Dark Navy, Black or Brown. Customers view the reasonable price, elegant style, true to size fit and technological features as contributing to making these gloves a very nice purchase. Some have recommended them as gift worthy. The product is not Amazon Prime eligible.

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2. Ultra-soft Suede Deerskin Palm/fleece Back -Thermal Lined Gloves for All Ages

2. Ultra-soft Suede Deerskin Palm/fleece Back -Thermal Lined Gloves for All Ages Buy now from Amazon
These gloves are made with a very soft deerskin on the palm side and a warm and durable heavy weight fleece on the back side. The lining is built with multiple layers of microfiber insulation, which helps to keep hands warm and dry. The wrists are completely shirred to help keep out drafts and cold.

Many customers have mentioned that they like the warmth and suppleness of these gloves because those features allow them to complete various tasks around the house. They also liked them for driving purposes because the palms keep a good grip on the steering wheel.

Product features they do not like include the short time limit they keep hands warm. For those in milder climates it is okay, but for the many who live where temperatures dip below 30º these gloves have not been suitable and have disappointed their owners.

Available in nine sizes ranging from XXXX Small through XX Large, the size options will meet most needs. These are NOT Amazon Prime eligible.

1. Mountain Made Cold Weather Gloves for Men and Women

1. Mountain Made Cold Weather Gloves for Men and Women Buy now from Amazon
These gloves are designed for use in temperatures above 32°. They are constructed of PVC Rubber (6%), Spandex (6%) and Polyester (88%). Their unique blend of materials provide comfort and flexibility when participating in cold weather sports. They are designed for cycling, hiking, driving, shooting and running.The lining dries quickly and it features an odor eliminating bacterial treatment. The gloves do have touch screen capability, but most customers have simply enjoyed wearing them for various activities. The zipper is well made. It helps when dressing because it opens enough to allow easy access.

Customers who have worn them enjoy the dexterity and flexibility they allow. Any negative comments center around the sizing, as most will want to buy a size larger than usual, due to the slightly tight fit of these gloves. For sale in black or pink, and in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes, the gloves are Amazon Prime eligible.

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